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The process of making a logo (branding)

I find myself awestruck when seeing the twist and turns the path takes to creating an acceptable logo / brand. I say acceptable because many times in the eyes of the art director, art team and down to the artist it is not ideal. There are times that compromise wears down the process to where […]

A rider and his bike

Looking for something or other on the interweb’s about my newly acquired obsession the GS1000G; I stumbled onto this fellas site. I was instantly engaged by what he had to say. This guy obviously gets this whole bike thing. Not just the machine aspect but what it means to put miles on and be dependent […]

Dang I won!

This week has been pretty dope. First off I struck a deal with the world famous, ok well U.S. underground chop scene famous Fab Kevin to take ’81 Suzuki GS1000 off his hands. This thing is cherry and it was just what I was looking for before I bought the KZ1000. Something I could just […]

Vintage Z1000 LTD Ad

As my obsession for all things 2 wheels hits it’s peak I have stumbled onto a KZ1000 and thus become enamoured with all things Kawasaki KZ. What a culture that was built around these bikes. I watched “On any Sunday 2” and in it the narrator comments about a piano maker making motorcycles. If only […]

KZ 1000 Build

A guy I know had mentioned that he had KZ and was looking for someone who would most likely get a deal on it. I followed up a few weeks later and he said $300 and I could take it. The bike was dirty from sitting but I saw potential. I had originally intended to […]